Hitting a Nerve – TMD

We need to keep this thought in mind: “The optimal treatment of the jaw joints and occlusion (bite related issues) should be performed in the context of a balanced upper cervical spine and head. The NUCCA procedure restores this essential balance. It is clear from my clinical experience that TMD disorders, even advanced cases respond well with NUCCA treatment.”

Malpositions of the head and neck are often associated with a common jaw disorder called Temporomandibular Joint  (TMJ) Dysfunction, or TMD. TMD is also known as TMJ Syndrome. The jaw joint is a hinge joint which is literally suspended and anchored  in its normal position by the muscles of the head, neck and shoulder.

The “Jaw Joint” or TMJ

TMD Syndrome occurs when the normal functional position of the jaw joints shift into an irregular position and a grinding use-pattern develops. This abnormal use-pattern and position can cause the sufferer of the syndrome a significant amount of pain and inflammation, making chewing, sleeping and even speaking difficult. The pain symptoms are quite diverse. Jaw disorders can refer pain to the head, neck and upper back. Pain can also be felt in the face and in the teeth. Conventional dental treatments can be quite expensive and time intensive, and can range in price from $5,000 to $50,000 upwards, and include surgeries, electrical stimulation and medication for pain.

At NUCCA Spinal Centers, under the precision care standard of the NUCCA procedure, TMD sufferers often find significant and lasting relief upon the first correction.

My clinical protocols have resolved TMD and its associated syndromes for hundreds of patients over the last 12 years.  TMJ disorders should be assessed in the context of the entire head and neck region, and therefore may be viewed clinically as “a side-effect of a structural dysfunction stemming from the head and neck mislalignment“. So, TMD can be addressed effectively by addressing an underlying imbalance.

Essentially, what I have found is:  TMD treatments utilizing NUCCA protocols as a core corrective procedure have been highly successful. Another thing I have observed is: when the patients head and neck are restored to a normal aligned position through the NUCCA procedure, this restoration significantly enhances the patient’s TMD dental protocols and treatment, and, in a high number of cases, can entirely resolve the syndrome within several weeks of the NUCCA procedure.

If you are dealing with a TMJ issue or jaw pain presently, and whether you are working with a dentist or not, I advise you to come in for an examination/consultation, and, if it is appropriate, I will be happy to speak to your dental specialist about the NUCCA procedure and discuss how it could positively impact your therapy. I work closely with several dental specialists in Utah and Salt Lake Counties when combined interventions and treatment are needed.  

Telephone consultations are available.

Doctor Christopher Chapman is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, and is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician. He practices exclusively the NUCCA procedure in Provo, Utah using certified aligned X-ray equipment. He is the Clinic Director for Balance Point Clinics, Inc.—dba—NUCCA Spinal Centers and currently instructs and mentors Associate doctors interested in perfecting the clinical application of the NUCCA procedure. NUCCA Spinal Centers is a registered internship facility and correlates field study for interested and qualified health professionals in association with Brigham Young University. Candidates for this Internship program have gone on to study chiropractic, hoping to eventually specialize in the NUCCA technique. Currently Dr. Chapman is writing a book describing the essential role posture and structural balance plays in human health.

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