TMJ Treatment

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There is a strict selection criterion that determines an individual’s candidacy. We help you explore your candidacy by providing the necessary investigatory services which consist of advanced 3-D imaging and neuromuscular testing. We provide these services at no cost to you, the prospective patient. 

We encourage you to schedule a complimentary consultation with us. We are thorough, experienced and have superior clinical outcomes. Scheduling starts by completing an online request for consultation. Once you are scheduled, we send you a link to complete your health questions. The questionnaire is comprehensive in nature and we find we serve you better if the form is completed before your arrival for the consultation. I include imaging in your consultation because those give me a lot of information about your TMJ’s and adjacent anatomy and systems and give me a very clear idea if I can help you or not. 

From the images we take, I look for certain biological “markers” and identifying features of complex TMJ Disorder. I have learned over the last 25 years of practice, and literally thousands of TMJ patients to look for certain features and findings on ones 3D imaging. When I find these attributes, and if I genuinely believe that I offer you a viable solution to your TMJ issues, I provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan. 

When I do not detect these markers, I infer that you are not a candidate for our work. Either way, you will not receive a bill for these services unless you decide to proceed with treatment. 

TMJ Treatment

Dr. Chapman and Dr. Buxton are collaborating on a patient who has successfully completed the TMJ first phase of care. The patient is undergoing our proprietary bite equilibration to preserve the rehabilitated posture or her temporomandibular joints.

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