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The Process Starts Like This...

Once you get in touch with us, we put you in contact with our knowledgeable New Patient Coordinator who can answer many of your questions and help you understand our diagnosis and treatment process. 

They will answer any questions that you have about our process. Our New Patient Coordinator also helps us qualify you initially for our comprehensive examination assessment. An appointment with Dr. Chapman is scheduled, and then we provide you with an intake questionnaire that is designed to help us begin to decipher your symptoms. This form is provided through our HIPAA compliant portal. This first information gathering encounter with you helps us start to assess you early on.

Then, on the day of your assessment, several scout tests will be performed to help us determine if we can help you with your sleep apnea. We use non-invasive technology to measure the relationship of the temporal occipital cranial system on the atlas-axis vertebrae. This is important because malpositions here can adversely affect the nerves that keep the upper airway from collapsing while sleeping. We evaluate posture, functional leg-length, and spatial orientation of your head, neck, face and jaw system. If the findings are positive, then we acquire special 3-D upright images which allow us objectively measure specific craniocervical relationships and most importantly, measure airway impingement signs if present. The status of the jaw joints is determined objectively, at this time.

If you are found to be a candidate for the TAP procedure, and you proceed, you will be scheduled for a special take-home sleep study that detects oxygen drops (desaturations) which helps us correlate the timing of any clenching or grinding to the oxygen drops. There is no catch to it–in fact, we don’t want to catch you if we don’t think we can help you. I have learned that the more I can do up front to identify detectable features on imaging, the better our success rate.  

I have over 25 years managing and treating complex head, neck and jaw disorders and understand how these directly affect the upper airway. I have learned a thing or two about identifying those who respond well to treatment and those who don’t. Simply put, I very much enjoy helping people with sleep disordered breathing problems. I spend the time with you upfront to help you understand how and why you suffer from sleep apnea. If I genuinely feel that I can help you, I will submit to you a comprehensive treatment plan so that you can begin your healing journey. You will not receive a bill from me for these services up to this point, only an invitation to begin treatment. 

Below is an example of the immediate changes that occur after we identify a problem that we can help with and then perform the TAP procedure. The airway more than doubled! That means 4 times as much oxygen gets into the body, and continuous positive air pressure (CPCP) is not needed in order to sleep-breathe! 

Pharynx Pre/Post

While not performed on the initial assessment visit, having the TAP procedure performed is followed by immediate jaw posture changes, alignment of the head and neck junction, as well as opening of the most critical part of the airway–the constricted part! It is extremely rare not to see these physiological changes following the TAP procedure.

When we complete the TAP procedure, we compare your after-TAP 3-D images to your before-TAP images to make sure we get the changes we want to see. This directly correlates to breathing. It’s a matter of physics– a larger diameter airway means better breathing with less resistance. Better breathing means better sleep. Since quality of sleep is tied to longevity and neuro-protectivity in a hundred different ways, better sleep means better life!


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