TMJ Diagnosis

The key to a successful TMJ treatment begins with an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis. With our diagnostic imaging and analysis system, we can determine if the primary cause of your TMJ problems arises from within the joint structures themselves, or, from another closely related functional system like the alignment of your temporal occipital system as it rests upon your atlas-axis vertebrae. If this is found to be the case, then the TMJ condition is considered Secondary, or Complex, and we can help you.

Diagnose TMJ

Initially, we use symptoms and signs to guide us in our differential diagnosis of your TMJ, but the final diagnosis is made through 3D imaging, examination and clinical collaboration. 

We have an extremely high success rate with over 96% of our patients noting significant improvement or complete resolution of TMJ problems.

You might be wondering if you have TMJ dysfunction. We have created a straight-forward list of TMJ questions that help us map out the type of TMJ problems you might be facing.

Check out the above list and compare your symptoms to the list. When you contact us, be sure to tell us your top five symptoms. This will help us to analyze your case should you visit us for a complimentary examination and consultation with imaging included.

TMJ Syndrome Diagnosis

Dr. Chapman, is a board certified atlas orthogonist and a Diplomate in Chiropractic Craniocervical Junction Procedures and a TMJ Orthotist.

TMJ Diagnosis

Dr. Buxton is a dental expert focusing on TMJ and dental Sleep Medicine.  Together, we create a multidisciplinary environment with over 50 years of combined clinical TMJ treatment experience.

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