Healing begins with communication

The connection between the brain and the body are inseparable. In form and in function, in sickness or wellness. The Brain-Body Connection occurs at the head and neck in a region known as the Cranio-Cervical Junction (CCJ).

Our overall health depends on the quality of this connection.

All vital functions, spinal fluid, nerve signals, blood flow and nutrients to the brain pass through this tight corridor called the CCJ.  The Gut-Brain junction occurs here, at the CCJ. 

Modern advances in medical science can keep the body alive without the brain, but our brains cannot live without our bodies. When our heart, or lungs shut down, or the vital flow of oxygen is blocked from our brain, and carbon dioxide is trapped inside the brain tissues, intact brain cells rapidly breakdown, the cell wall is compromised, and the microscopic organs within the cells malfunction and disintegrate, and the cell rapidly dies. If enough of these cells die, then life in the organism as a whole is not sustainable. The brain dies. Those dead brain cells cannot be resuscitated. Known science does not permit a Lazarus event in those dead cells. 

Our entire life experience depends on the quality of communication between the brain and our body..  the quality of this communication determines our quality of life.  Cognitive Scientist Guy Claxton observes, that cognitive processes are not separate from senses and motor functions. As Claxton puts it, “the body, the gut, the senses, the immune system, the lymphatic system, are so instantaneously and so complicatedly interacting with the brain that you can’t draw a line across the neck and say ‘above the line it’s smart and below the line it’s menial.’”  And yet, with advanced imaging and analysis, when we actually “draw that line” at this boundary, then measure the alignment of those functional spaces inside this vital corridor, we often discover displacements, distortions and malalignments that are directly linked with body-brain disconnect and disease in our sick patients. Conversely, in our formerly sick patients, we see a restored alignment of this functional channel known as the CCJ.

After two decades of caring for patients and looking at tens of thousands of images of the CCJ, I am fully convinced that impedance and restrictions of flow along the vital corridor passing from the brain to the body literally makes all the difference on the life-spectrum which has vitality at one end, and tombstone on the other. As the CCJ breaks down and distorts, our flow ebbs, our sizzle fizzles… and we lose power and life-force. Nutrients are not delivered. Used metabolites are not cleared from the brain tissues. Misalignment robs us of our life-force gradually, we are not fully functional, because our form has broken down. We are not fully alive, but rather, in the words of Billy Crystal’s character in The Princess Bride, we are “Mostly Dead”

When the body is aligned with the head, the complex linkage between our body and brain is open and optimized, and normal function is restored throughout the body and brain. The two do not function independently. The first stage of healing is to restore this anatomical connection between the brain and the body. That’s what ALIGN is all about.

Aligning the corridor between the brain and body opens up vital flow channels, bringing clarity, balance and function.

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