Meet Our Team

Dr. Christopher D. Chapman, DC BCAO, DCCJP

Chiropractic Physician & Diplomate in Cranio-Cervical Junction Procedures

A Utah native, Dr. Chapman’s life passion and purpose is focused on helping patients solve their complex health problems. Trained and mentored by the best and brightest in the dental and upper cervical fields, patients have found lasting results with his treatment protocols. He has helped patients from all walks of life—from Hollywood to the NFL, rural Utah to Dubai. Whether near or far, patients have researched and travelled, finding the results that they sought. A Diplomate in Chiropractic Cranio-Cervical Junction Procedures, a researcher, and an avid questioner of the status quo, his clinical innovations, inventions, and protocols are gaining recognition and veracity in academia and university sponsored craniofacial and cranio-cervical junction post-doctoral curriculums.


A Big Answer to a Big Question:

“What if we could hold our chiropractic adjustments indefinitely?”  

Before the answer came, it was common for me to hear statements from my patients somewhat frustrated with the need to be adjusted again and again. “Why can’t I hold my adjustment?” It was a little frustrating for me too because I did not have a real answer for “why?” they seemingly could not hold! I could only offer the “what” if they went out. My answer always seemed to end with their return to my office, and a repeat of the procedure, rather than solving the problem of “why” they would not hold. Simply stated, I had developed ways of parrying their questions aside, rather than exploring them at deeper levels.


The Benefits of Being in Cranio-Cervical Alignment:

When our upper cervical spines are properly aligned, blood flow, cerebral spinal fluid and nerve function is optimized, and all brainstem functions improve. Breathing, sleeping, swallowing and posture all take notable turns for the better. Back sliding from this crucial status can herald the return of symptoms.

Nearly twenty years of search led to some particularly important discoveries, and quite honestly, those discoveries changed the way I looked at chiropractic, and the way I thought about the problem of chiropractic relapse. What I discovered from my search was more than just understanding “what” caused the adjustment to slip from “in” to “out”, (or in medical terms, to undergo relapse), but in the process of my investigations, I discovered “how” the alignment could be retained in its’ ideal posture—without losing mobility in the upper neck! This realization was a game changer for my patients. We now use this breakthrough technology in a specific, standardized method to both align the cranio-cervical junction, and help it to stay-put, indefinitely.


The Solution:

To have balance and stability in the brainstem junction box, the bite and the head-neck relationship must be in harmony. Minute changes in head posture can affect the bite, and vise-versa. Essentially, an old habitual bite posture can cause a relapse of cranio-cervical junction alignment, and when this occurs, the positive changes in the brainstem revert and diminish. This negatively impacts how the patient feels. This was the path of relapse the body took IF the bite dynamics were not addressed. Our technology allows the bite and the cranio-cervical junction to remain in harmony, week after week, month after month—without relapse. When all the moving parts function, the entire neuromuscular system of the body is transformed into a higher functional state! The results seen by our patients is faster healing, more permanent results, and relapse prevention that allows the body to heal. This is my method, and I stand by it.


Dr. Chapman