Whether you have just begun your healing journey, or whether you have been in the process for many years, we hope you find encouraging words of wisdom and support here.

I chose the name “The Mending Path” as the name of my blog because healing, more often than not, is a journey. We have all heard people speak of “the road to recovery”, and we seem to innately understand that when we are healing, we are moving in a direction of improvement… that we are in a process of getting better, not worse.

Those who have not felt that their underlying health issues are being addressed, understood or even recognized might find answers and hope here over the next months as ideas and comments are posted. The more complicated the health problem picture is, the more complex the needed healing resource. One resource that could be more readily tapped into is the body’s own healing capability. A simple example of this is the mouse pulling the thorn out of the lions paw. Beyond the mouse developing a formidable alliance is the fact that real healing was somehow being held back until the simple little thorn was removed. Simple, but powerful. In our present health system to often transient solutions come in little white bags from the pharmacy, which mask or palliate symptoms rather than getting to underlying causes. Thus, the underlying problem—the “thorn in our paws” can remain hidden from our health care provider’s indefinitely.

Finding the path to getting well can be difficult. In some cases that Path can be obscured by conflicting philosophies and preconceived notions which can produce widely variant diagnoses from multiple practitioners who are involved in our care. There is much confusion today, as practitioners divide up the pie of human suffering—and that confusion permeates our society and affects each one of us.

How does one find the way? This blog, The Mending Path, will provide a platform where ideas about healing can be logically and plainly presented and discussed. My intent is to provide first a collection of ideas that make sense. It is my hope that a rational array of intelligence will emerge. I will try to help you understand your symptoms and offer you a refreshing “second opinion”.  Hopefully, you will begin to understand more fully your symptoms and what they mean—and how they can be resolved, not covered up. We want to provide with the knowledge of how to become well—or, to stay well.

Human suffering is universal. It exists in primitive as well as advanced societies. It seems to come in infinite varieties and forms. There seem to be a multiplicity of causes and types of suffering, and comes not only in the form of pain, but of hurt. We are under constant assault from trauma, toxins and other stressors. To combat these forces, our body possesses an innately intelligent modus of healing and organization, which includes the ability to accommodate, restore, balance, redistribute, equalize, compartmentalize and discharge harmful substances, adapt to injurious forces and persevere through traumatic events. A health system philosophy that is intuitively aware of these vital abilities naturally imbued within the body poses the greater potential benefit to the patient. A “System” of thought imperceptive of these variables can merely palliate, mimic and redistribute stress within the body, therefore that “System” thought with its’ algorithms’ will merely traffic in the milieu of human suffering, affixing price to procedure, procedure to diagnosis, etc.. and ultimately perpetuate the problem rather than solving it. It is what I call an ostrich oriented system. The head is planted firmly in the hole (a supposedly “safe” place), while the fanny (the patient) is blatantly exposed. It is a system of sophisticated duct tape and bailing wire, geared towards small picture, transient outcomes. It is a system perpetuated by itself, for itself.

There is a better way. That “better way” has fewer casualties, less suffering and lower costs. We have found the thorn in the lions paw, and we know how to remove it so the body can embark on the mending path.

Next Generation in Health Care

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